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Survey Shows Construction Industry Salaries Are On The Rise

January 7, 2019

In December, the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) announced results from their 2018 Construction Craft Salary Survey which indicates that salaries are on the rise in the construction industry. Findings also showed that skilled craft professionals continue to earn high wages.

The survey shows that in 2018 the annual salaries ranged from $47,771 to $92,523; up from 2015 when the range was $47,166 to $88,675. Findings also indicated that since 2015 the majority of the individual craft positions experienced an increase of 4-20 percent in their annual salaries.

Currently, the highest earning position remains that of project managers at $92,523 and supervisors at $88,355, while numerous professionals are earning over $65,000 such as combo and pipe welders, instrumentation technician, and industrial electrician. Two positions which saw the most dramatic pay increase from 2015 were HVAC technicians, up 20 percent, and sheet metal worker, up 18 percent.

One hundred thirty-two companies, representing 353,503 employees from the commercial and industrial construction industries, voluntarily provided data for this survey. Figures in the study represent average annual salaries for 32 specific individual craft areas, not including overtime, bonuses, per diem or other incentives.