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A Turnkey Solution To Streamline Plan Administration

Contractors who use the entire fringe portion of the prevailing wage to offer additional benefits can save even more on payroll taxes. Our Total Fringe program helps you maximize your savings by analyzing your premiums to ensure the full fringe amount is allocated to your benefit plans.

With Total Fringe, you choose the benefits you want to provide to your employees from our full suite of benefits. These benefit choices can all be enrolled and administered through our secure online portal. We take care of all the details, including:

  • Combining the cost of all coverages into one hourly rate
  • Allocating fringe, employer and employee contributions to each benefit plan offered
  • Paying and reconciling invoices with all the carriers chosen
  • Administering all programs (by the job or by the hour)
  • Managing COBRA and other required reporting

The process couldn't be simpler. As a contractor, you enjoy maximum savings on payroll costs, freedom from spending time on benefits administration and the flexibility and simplicity that comes from having a single-source benefits solution. Best of all, you send in one fringe check and upload one fringe file, regardless of the number and types of benefits you've chosen to offer.

Allocating the total fringe to prevailing wage benefits plans results in immediate savings. Total Fringe also helps contractors avoid cost overruns on benefits, which translates into increased profits over the life of the contract. With Total Fringe, you are better equipped to forecast future benefit liabilities and adjust your strategies to effectively protect your business from the increasing costs of health care benefits.

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