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Participant Call Center (all benefits): 1-855-433-2981

A Simple Platform For Enrollment And Management

If you have employees spread across several job sites or working different shifts, you already know that the logistics of enrolling employees in a benefits plan can be a headache.

Not with The Contractors Plan. We create a customized online benefits enrollment and management platform for each of our clients. That means your employees can enroll in the benefits plan anytime, 24/7, anywhere they have online access. And if anyone has questions or needs a little help, they can chat with our call center during normal work hours or utilize our voice response system anytime.

As participants choose from among the benefits offered, our Dynamic Plan Cart™ tool automatically calculates the amount of fringe remaining. Participants can create various "what-if" scenarios to allocate their fringe benefit dollars according to their individual needs. Once the participant has enrolled, they can see all contributions by pulling up the "Billing History" page. This supports complete transparency around monthly allocations of benefit dollars.

Our online interface also simplifies plan administration for employers. You can view, update and upload plan information in real time.

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Our intuitive online interface allows you to:

  • Simplify your enrollment process, 24/7
  • Distribute information consistently to all employees
  • View, update and upload plan information in real-time
  • Pay missed premiums
  • Access coverage information
  • View and print history
  • Add or terminate employees from your plan
  • Upload census and payment files
  • Track enrollment numbers and statistics
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