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We're With You Every Step Of The Way

One word sure to strike fear in anyone's heart is "audit." In an IRS or Department of Labor (DOL) audit or inquiry situation, the burden of proof is on the contractor. When you partner with The Contractors Plan, you have the strong support of our experienced, qualified team.

If you receive an inquiry or notice of an audit, call us or send the notice to your account manager, and we'll partner with you to design your response. We will research and pull any requested reports and documentation.

Since the team at The Contractors Plan has been working with contractors and prevailing wage plans for over 30 years, we generally know what the DOL expects. We have established relationships with both the DOL and the IRS, and we can talk to them on your behalf to clarify the issue(s) they've raised. And since we handle your recordkeeping, we can quickly and easily verify deposits and provide other requested documentation so that questions can be resolved with little interruption to your work.

Another member of your compliance and audit support team is our representative in Washington, DC. If needed, we can have him speak to the auditor on your behalf. We provide these services at no additional cost to you. Should the situation escalate beyond our scope, we can refer you to outside counsel with expertise in prevailing wage issues.

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