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Optimism For Infrastructure Legislation

May 10, 2019

There was a recent meeting between the Administration and key Democratic lawmakers which concluded in an agreement to seek a $2 trillion legislative infrastructure package to improve and repair the nation’s roads, bridges, waterways, and broadband networks.

In the meeting, President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer each agreed on the importance of investing in this country’s future and rebuilding America’s infrastructure. Pelosi and Schumer told reporters after the meeting that “we’re very excited about the conversation we had with the president”; calling it a “good and constructive start.” Likewise, the White House also appeared optimistic about the discussion with Trump stating “an excellent and productive meeting” with the Democrats.

The Democratic leaders further noted that the two sides found common ground on some of the priorities that an infrastructure plan should address. Following the meeting, Democrats sent Trump a letter which outlined government funding, environmental considerations and Buy American provisions as three key priorities.

To date, both parties have submitted separate funding proposals to achieve the infrastructure goals. Nevertheless, the funding source continues to be unclear even with bipartisan agreement on the $2 trillion investment amount.  Future discussions are planned.