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Fringe Benefit Group Announces New Benefits Package Designed for Employers with Hourly Employees

October 16, 2017

Austin, October 16, 2017 – As the national debate on health care coverage continues, many employers are searching for group benefit plans with real-world cost control options. Fringe Benefit Group, an industry leader in the design, implementation and administration of benefit plans for hourly workers, offers affordable benefits to employers via The American Worker, a turnkey benefits platform utilized by many of the nation’s leading restaurant, retail, hospitality and staffing companies.

Fringe Benefit Group today announced it has launched The American Worker Triple Option plan, which consolidates fully insured fixed indemnity, self-funded Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and self-funded major medical insurance options into a single benefits package under one insurance/stop-loss policy. This allows employers to offer a wide variety of health insurance options to their diverse workforce with minimal administrative burden. Employers utilizing The American Worker Triple Option also have access to a wide range of specialty benefit options such as Dental, Vision, Short Term Disability and Life Insurance, which are tied into the platform’s payroll cycle billing administration.

For more than 30 years, Fringe Benefit Group has specialized in providing insurance for companies with hourly and part-time employees. Through its two national brands, The American Worker and The Contractors Plan, it works closely with more than 600 brokers across the U.S. to deliver benefit solutions to this unique market, which can be challenging to serve because of high turnover, geographically dispersed locations and difficult to reach employee populations. The American Worker Triple Option is designed specifically for employers with a contingent workforce and / or hourly employees, and allows employers to offer a broad range of benefit plans that provide employees with choices while allowing the employer to meet their Affordable Care Act (ACA) obligations.

“Fringe Benefit Group has a long and successful history of serving the diverse and sometimes challenging needs of hourly employees. We are very experienced with indemnity, MEC and major medical plans, and we are known for our outstanding customer service and administrative excellence,” said Jon Duczak, vice president, Fringe Benefit Group. “The American Worker Triple Option gives employers and their employees access to multiple products at multiple price points and lessens the administrative burden on employers. We know how to handle contingent workforce and hourly employees and are excited to help employers provide valued benefits to their entire workforce while reducing their administrative burden at the same time.”

As part of its focus on simplifying benefit plan administration and providing value to employers, Fringe Benefit Group offers an electronic platform that manages eligibility, payroll deductions and billing according to a client’s payroll schedule. The platform allows administration of benefit programs to occur on a weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly basis, which minimizes the hassles typically associated with monthly bill reconciliation and manual deduction processing.

About Fringe Benefit Group

Fringe Benefit Group and its affiliate companies have designed and administered programs that simplify the benefits process for employers with hourly workers since 1983. Through its nationwide network of independent brokers and agents, Fringe Benefit Group offers products from the industry’s leading carriers and is recognized for its full-service suite of tools and services designed specifically for employers with hourly and part-time workers. For more information, visit, or