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December = Deadlines

November 18, 2010 Written by: Written by Mike Rogers, Chief Compliance Officer

If your plan year is based on the calendar year, several important deadlines are coming up quickly.  December is a busy month for compliance.  Here are some of the dates to watch for:

  • 1st – Deadline to send annual 401(k) safe harbor notice
  • 6th – Deadline to return HCE questionnaires
  • 10th – Deadline for requesting plan amendment to be signed by end of year
  • 15th – Extended deadline to distribute Summary Annual Report to participants
  • 15th – Deadline for requesting cash outs for the next quarter
  • 31st – Deadline for processing ADP refunds with 10% excise tax
  • 31st- Deadline to sign any plan amendment for discretionary changes
  • 31st -Deadline to sign amendment to convert existing 401(k) plan to a safe harbor 401(k) plan
  • 31st – Deadline to sign amendment to remove safe harbor status for the following year
  • 31st- Deadline for depositing top heavy employer contributions for prior year

If your plan year is not aligned with the calendar year, contact your plan administrator for adjusted compliance deadlines.