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Easy Administration For Your Existing Major Medical Plan

The Contractors Plan is usually able to offer competitive coverage and rates on major medical proposals. However, some circumstances such as unfavorable employee demographics or high claims and care utilization can make it difficult to obtain a competitively priced proposal. Conversely, some employers already have major medical plans that can be difficult for a new carrier to compete with.

In these situations, we may provide an Administrative Services Only (ASO) proposal tailored to your specific needs. Essentially, we can wrap our whole benefits administration engine around your current major medical offering and then build in your choice of specialty benefits, supplemental medical, HRA and retirement to create one streamlined total benefits solution.

The Contractors Plan offers significant pricing advantages to employers who utilize an ASO for their major medical in conjunction with specialty benefits.

ASO Program Advantages:

  • Greatly reduces administrative burden
  • Ensures full compliance and reporting capabilities
  • Empowers employers to create robust benefits packages for their employees
  • Single-source for enrollment
  • Control, access and complete transparency for both employers and employees via our easy-to-use portal
  • Maximize your fringe dollars via Total Fringe
  • Ability to provide more continuous coverage via hour banking and reserve accounting

The program allows you to manage your entire benefits platform through electronic file transmissions, with one premium remittance for all fringe hours. The Contractors Plan allocates premium for each employee across a broad array of benefits as directed by the employer.

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