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Take Care Of Your Employees—All Over The Globe

Implementing a globally portable benefits plan is the easiest and most effective way to offer coverage to your international employees, regardless of where they are working around the world. A benefits plan designed by The Contractors Plan can greatly reduce both your administrative burden and the cost of covering your international employees. We have experience establishing coverage for global mobile employees including:

  • Expatriates
  • Third country nationals
  • Local nationals
  • Key local nationals
  • Inpatriates

The Contractors Plan makes it easy to set up international benefits. You decide on the coverage you want to offer, regardless of employees' work location. You can include your choice of group medical, life, disability and specialty benefits, as well as coverage unique to the international audience such as special risk coverage, medial evacuation and international EAP.

Most employers are surprised to learn that international medical plans have premiums lower than their U.S. plan for the same level of coverage. And with The Contractors Plan, you have the confidence of knowing your benefit plans are offered through the world's largest and most diversified insurance companies including MetLife, Cigna, Aetna and United Healthcare.

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