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Experts At Benefits For Prevailing Wage Contractors

Since 1983, The Contractors Plan has designed and administered healthcare, retirement and specialty benefits programs for government contractors. We were the first company to offer benefit plans for prevailing wage workers, and we are proud to continue to lead the industry in group benefit plans designed specifically for hourly and part-time workers. Our products and services help employers save money, reduce their workload and stay compliant with local and federal government mandates and regulations.

Plans Designed for Government Contractors.

We offer industry unique hour banking and reserve accounting programs that enable employees to "bank" hours worked and extend health coverage during slow work times or layoffs, greatly simplifying the accounting challenges of our client employers. Our retirement programs include a master trust arrangement for small to mid-sized employers and unparalleled plan design expertise enabling owners and key employees to maximize their allowable contributions. Our plans are flexible, so contributions can be discontinued when a job ends and started when the next job begins and contributions can vary by trade, job, employee and other variables.

Clients Large and Small.

Our flexible program works for companies of all sizes, and we've created prevailing wage benefit plans for thousands of employers, including leaders in the construction and staffing fields. Through our nationwide network of independent brokers and agents, we've established The Contractors Plan as the national leader in health and retirement plans for government contractors. The Contractors Plan, a division of Fringe Benefit Group, is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with additional regional offices around the country.

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