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Get Employee Buy-In For Your Benefits Program

One of the key pieces in successfully implementing a prevailing wage benefit plan is educating employees about its advantages. At The Contractors Plan, we have years of experience helping mitigate employees' concerns. We give employers customizable tools and talking points to help employees understand the advantages of a benefits plan as well as the enrollment process.

We help you explain how a benefits plan benefits employees by lowering bids. During the enrollment meeting, we explain to workers how the payroll taxes resulting from paying the fringe as cash affect the bidding process. Most employees quickly see that the tax savings generated by offering a benefit plan helps the company win bids, which ensures jobs. It also protects against competitors who are already doing business this way.

Following the law.
We explain how the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandate may apply to your company, as well as the steep penalties for non-compliance.

Planning for the future.
Workers appreciate that a benefits plan helps them put money away for retirement and provides medical insurance for themselves and their families. They also like as well as any ancillary benefits such as vision, dental and life insurance.

Ensuring total transparency.
Employees enjoy our secure online portal that allows them to see where every fringe dollar goes.

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