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Sequestration to Put Further Pressure on State, Local Governments

August 2, 2013 Written by: Kevin Frankovich, CGRAI

In a recent interview, Paul Christman, VP of Public Sector Sales and Marketing for Dell, stated that although state and local governments have operated under limited budgets for years, sequestration will have a ripple effect that will put further pressure on these governments.

“The federal government provides around one-third of states’ annual revenues,” Christman explains.  “Federal grants to states would be decreased by $5.8 billion as a result of sequestration cuts. Local governments, particularly those with a significant number of government jobs, will feel the cuts as well.”

Christman recommends that state and local governments consider moving to cloud environments, consolidate data centers and adopt a holistic approach to security as a way to mitigate the impact of sequestration on their IT budgets and operations.