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Don't Put Yourself At Risk

It doesn't really make sense to manage your healthcare, retirement and specialty benefits on your own when you could rely on the wisdom and experience of The Contractors Plan.

Leverage our experience.

For 30 years, the team at The Contractors Plan has designed coverage for open shop government contractors. We have more than 150,000 participants nationwide, and we know the ins and outs of both the prevailing wage market and ever-changing government mandates with which contractors are expected to comply.

Mitigate fiduciary liability.

When you work with The Contractors Plan, we help mitigate your fiduciary liability that is associated with offering a benefits trust. This creates a structure that supports you and your company should plan participants or the DOL allege wrongdoing.

Create reports instantly.

Do you need to create and access compliance reports? The Contractors Plan was designed to make this easy. Our comprehensive online portal gives you total visibility and simplifies the preparation of required compliance reports.

Get full-service audit support.

Should you receive an inquiry or notice of an audit, you want an experienced team by your side. We generally know what the DOL expects, and we'll partner with you to design your response and provide any requested reports and documentation. We have established relationships with both the DOL and the IRS, and we can talk to them on your behalf to clarify the issue(s) they've raised.

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