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Create A Benefits Plan As Unique As Your Business

When it comes to creating a customized fringe benefit plan, every contractor has unique needs and concerns. At The Contractors Plan, we use our years of experience and flexible, highly specialized design capabilities to ensure you get the plan that's best for your workers.

Our in-house plan design experts will recommend a benefit plan to maximize its potential for both owners and employees. This enables you to provide quality benefits for your employees while increasing the savings to the company.

When it comes to medical coverage, we understand the complicated issues around the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and healthcare reform. We help contractors offer basic plans that meet ACA minimums, as well as more robust plans that allow employees more choice in how they cover themselves and their families. We also have solutions for dependents, either in major medical or dependent supplemental medical coverage.

Our expertise allows us to be equally flexible when it comes to retirement. Already have a 401(k) plan? No problem. We'll set up a plan specifically for your prevailing wage contributions, and they can be tested together at year-end for compliance. If the amount of prevailing wage work your company does varies widely from year to year, we can adjust your plan to suit your needs. We can easily stop plan contributions when your prevailing wage job ends, then start them up again when the next job begins.

We have products and plans to meet a variety of different needs, from international coverage and supplemental medical to a diverse array of specialty benefits. At The Contractors Plan, we use our unparalleled expertise in prevailing wage plans to build an offering that keeps you covered and gives you peace of mind.

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