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President Biden Engages in Infrastructure Talks

March 26, 2021

President Biden recently met with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and a bipartisan group of Members of Congress from the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to discuss the vital need to invest in modern and sustainable American infrastructure. This meeting was the Administration’s second in the past month to discuss infrastructure plans with Members of Congress and stakeholders. It is part of an ongoing focus to strengthen and enhance the Country’s roads, bridges, waterways, schools, housing, and more.

According to the White House, the participants “discussed their shared commitment to working across the aisle to build modern and sustainable infrastructure in rural, suburban, and urban areas across the country that create good-paying, union jobs and support the economic recovery.”

The participants also agreed that there is a need to ensure that all infrastructure is modernized to withstand any impacts of climate change while also creating skilled-trade jobs across construction, manufacturing, and engineering sectors to better position America in the 21st century.

However, while the goal of modernizing American’s Infrastructure is bipartisan, how to fund an infrastructure plan is not. The Administration has not decided whether to push infrastructure as a stand-alone bill or as part of a broader package. Either way, Biden’s infrastructure plan will likely face disagreements among party lines.