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Approach to Infrastructure Overhaul

May 1, 2018

Since March, there has been constant talk about a gradual approach to achieving President Trump’s infrastructure overhaul plan. When the White House officials initially unveiled the $200 billion infrastructure plan they did not designate the source of funding for the proposal. Many envisioned that the overhaul would come as one giant package, but now it seems that Congress will be taking a piecemeal approach, breaking the plan into a series of measures.  

First to announce this piecemeal approach was Speaker Paul Ryan at an event in Georgia back on March 12th where he affirmed the House Republicans intent on overhauling infrastructure this year through a series of multiple bills. Ryan said that the infrastructure plan would be tackled as five or six different bills which are more realistic in the upcoming midterm election year.

Just a few weeks later, President Trump was speaking to local workers in Ohio about his infrastructure plan and noted that the plan “can be passed in one bill, or in a series of measures.” Trump acknowledged that Congress might not have the eagerness for a giant overhaul of the country’s infrastructure but stated that “what matters, is that we get the job done.”

Further reinforcement came at the end of March when White House Economist Kevin Hassett spoke about the approach to Trump’s infrastructure plan. Hassett acknowledged that Congress might indeed want to tackle things little by little, an approach that is doable, but it will also mean that every time Congress legislates, they will be looked upon for achieving infrastructural progress even in the smallest of forms.