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NLRB off-site and online elections

June 25, 2010 Written by: Mike Rogers, Chief Compliance Officer

A recent Request for Information published by the National Labor Relations Board appears to be the first step in a movement toward paving the way for off-site and online elections.

In the published request, the NLRB asks for information regarding secure electronic voting services to support conducting secret-ballot elections to determine representation issues.  One of the primary concerns about providing the ability to hold online, offsite elections is that it may not allow employers sufficient time to organize a campaign to present their viewpoint regarding unionization.  In addition, there is some concern that offsite voting might be more vulnerable to coercion or intimidation, as opposed to on-site paper ballot votes which are currently conducted.

The deadline to respond to this “sources sought” RFI has been extended twice since its publication, and as of today stands at July 2nd, 2010 at 4 pm ET.  The notice can be viewed here.