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Fringe Benefit Group Partner Promotes New Website for The Contractors Plan

March 28, 2014

Fringe Benefit Group, a partner of the construction industry hiring and networking site, recently launched a new website at, making it easier than ever for businesses to enroll in and manage their prevailing wage benefit plans.

Designed to help contractors minimize costs while maximizing benefits for their employees, The Contractors Plan helps construction company owners bid more competitively and comply with numerous laws and regulations, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Construction Connection Co-Founders Kent Leighton and Suzanne Breistol are enthused to share the benefits of the plan with their community of over 100,000 construction industry professionals.

The Contractors Plan is Fringe Benefit Group’s prevailing wage benefit plan. Contractors who work on projects subject to the Davis-Bacon Act, Service Contract Act and state prevailing wage laws are facing incredible competition in 2014, making reducing costs and maintaining compliance vital to winning more construction projects. The Contractors Plan enables contractors to submit leaner bids, win more jobs, and save on taxes and insurance costs. The Contractors Plan also makes it easy for business owners to maintain ACA compliance, no matter what size company they are running. With its new intuitive, user-friendly website, enrolling in and managing benefits in The Contractors Plan is even easier.

“We worked hard to incorporate feedback from our employees, customers and partners to create a best-in-class site that provides better service with practical tools and a clean, intuitive interface,” explains Adam Bonsky of Fringe Benefit Group. “We wanted to provide our customers with improved access to important benefits information and we also wanted to provide educational resources to help contractors and producers understand and navigate the government contracting space.” includes many features designed to help users, such as explanatory videos and a single sign-on for all users. This means participants, contractors and brokers can log in and be directed straight to the information they need. More information is available here.

The site also features many helpful tools and calculators. Contractors can input their employee data and see what their payroll and insurance costs savings will be with The Contractors Plan. They are also able to see the individual components of The Contractors Plan, which is especially useful for businesses that enroll in Total Fringe, a unique option for using the entire fringe portion of the prevailing wage to offer benefits to construction employees. The site also includes information about how ACA will impact their business.

“With Total Fringe, you choose the benefits you want to provide to your employees and we take care of all the details, including combining the cost of all coverage into one hourly rate, paying all the carriers, and administering all the programs,” says Bonsky. “Best of all, our customers send in one check and upload one file, regardless of the number and types of benefits they choose. The Contractors Plan’s full suite of benefits includes major medical, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, Critical Illness insurance and retirement plans. We provide all administration for these programs, and we can do it by job and by hour.”

Fringe Benefit Group and Construction Connection share a mission of strengthening the construction industry and supporting construction companies and individuals, making the partnership a natural fit.

“Kent [Leighton] and Suzanne [Breistol] are committed to their Construction Connection partners. They have introduced us to prospective customers and are continually looking for additional ways for us to educate their members about how our prevailing wage benefit plan can improve their business,” Bonsky says of the partnership.

Leighton and Breistol are very excited to get more members signed up for The Contractors Plan, as it is a valuable asset for all their members. Construction companies can save money, and individuals from project managers to skilled tradesmen and construction cost estimators to concrete finishers can receive crucial health insurance and save towards their retirement.