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Fringe Benefit Group And eMars Simplify Compliance For Government Contractors

May 5, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas — May 4, 2021Fringe Benefit Group,  an industry leader in the design, implementation and administration of benefits for hourly and part-time workers, today announced it has established a partnership with eMars to simplify compliance reporting for government contractors using Fringe Benefit Group’s prevailing wage benefit plan, The Contractors Plan.

Fringe Benefit Group is known for its full-service suite of tools and services that greatly reduce the burden of plan enrollment and administration for employers. eMars’ Compliant Client is an easy and efficient way to audit payroll contributions from any payroll. Contractors must certify each week’s payroll and eMars’ verification process uses a Web browser to provide real-time validation of prevailing wage payroll compliance prior to certification and release of funds. Compliant Client ensures that contractors and their subcontractors have the correct prevailing wage base and fringe benefit amounts for the job classification of the jurisdiction where the work is being performed.


According to Brian Robertson, Executive Vice President of Fringe Benefit Group, “Mutual clients of The Contractors Plan and eMars will have a tool to avoid non-compliant contributions and ensure their employees receive bona fide fringe benefits that are accurate.”

The Contractors Plan has nearly four decades of experience providing bona fide fringe benefits to construction contractors who compete under prevailing wage regulations such as the Davis-Bacon Act and state prevailing wage laws. Many non-union contractors pay workers comp and general liability insurance premiums as well as payroll taxes (e.g. FICA) by combining required fringe amounts with base wages and funding the total on the employee’s paycheck. These fringe contributions on the paycheck can create unnecessary payroll burden costs of tens of thousands of dollars per year. The Contractors Plan allows employers to offer bona fide benefits, including a wide variety of health and retirement plan options, to their workforce with minimal administrative burden.